22 Sep - 24 Sep

Sparkling anniversary Splendor


For exactly ten years, a colorful group of 50 top musicians has been running their independent, intimate music club house Splendor in the heart of Amsterdam, at Nieuwe Uilenburgerstraat 116. Countless music styles find their way to the Splendor stage: classical, jazz, pop, impro, world music and everything in between and beyond. And preferably at the same time, because for the adventurous Splendor musicians, playing together is where it all started.

Anniversary weekend also in Carré
Splendor celebrates its 10th anniversary the weekend of September 22-24 with a weekend full of concerts and performances. One of the highlights is the Splendor Sonic Circus in Carré, an unstoppable, colourful, musical total spectacle on 23 September. An evening in which all musical varieties are reviewed, from intensely intimate to wildly impetuous. High-flying strings and horns in the arena and catchy pop on stage, a singer who practically sings to you on your lap. Spectacularly amplified pop music makes Carré shudder.

You can’t get any closer to the music. Great hits and forgotten gems can be heard alongside brand new compositions and arrangements, specially written for the occasion. Music without a safety net, as only Splendor can do. A small selection from the tableau de la troupe: Mattijs van de Woerd, Nora Fischer, Marnix Dorrestein, Claron Mc Fadden, Maarten Ornstein, Daria van den Bercken, David Dramm and many others. Come see it, come hear it! And look here at Splendor on the way to Carré.

About Splendor
In September 2013, Splendor opened its doors to musicians and the public in the former bathhouse. A cultural sanctuary in which performing artists, independent of government and political institutions, can create what they believe people should be able to see, feel and hear. Splendor therefore does not focus on one particular style of music. The spectrum goes from classical to jazz and from Western to Eastern music. Splendor is not only a collective of musicians, but also a second home for special ensembles of Splendor musicians from all over the world.

Splendor Sonic Circus in Carré, September 23, 2023

Splendor, Nieuwe Uilenburgerstraat 116