23 Sep - 5 Oct

Soil Animal Days 2022


Fellow member of De Plantage IVN Natuureducatie draws our attentiona to this and supports this initiative.

The eighth edition of the Soil Animal Days is coming up: from September 23 to October 5, 2022. Did you know that 25% of biodiversity lives underground? Most benthic animals are small, but do great things for nature. Join the search and discover which small critters in your area keep the soil healthy.

Every year around World Animal Day, hundreds of people all over the country go on a benthos safari. This year, during the Soil Animals Days, we are paying extra attention to the importance of benthic animals in the city. Under the motto: Get to know the neighbors below! Search for woodlice, earthworms and other small animals. This can be in your own garden, but also on your balcony, in the schoolyard, in a park or in the garden of your office. Because life in the soil is extremely important. Also for plants, animals and people above the ground.

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Would you like to participate in the Soil Animal Days as a group?
And would you like to join a group? With a school class, a team of colleagues, the scouting group or just the whole street during Neighbors Day? Then request the join-in package for groups!

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