17 Sep - 17 Oct

Sijtse Keur SOLO; exhibition and meet & greet


Sijtse Keur has turned 70 and is celebrating this crown year with a solo exhibition. Recent works on canvas and paper are on display.

On Saturday October 2, the gallery will organize a Meet & Greet at 2 pm, where Sijtse will be present. You can sign up for this via

Sijtse Keur has been painting three days a week since 2005. Before, as he himself says, he had ‘never put a line on paper’. He has learned a lot in a short time, painted an entire oeuvre and had various exhibitions. ‘I paint because I like it and it fascinates me, it comes from my heart.’ His paintings are something of a patchwork, they are all pieces with different colors and subjects that have been ‘treated’ in different ways; sometimes with textured paint, sometimes by scratching in it with the back of a brush or drawing over it with chalk. Keur: ‘Then it comes out more, I think that’s nice, then it does something. I want people to be happy with my paintings. I used to make more dark paintings, now light.’

Outsider Art Galerie, Neerlandiaplein 7

Outsider Art Galerie