9 Mar - 8 Apr

RVDA The (UN)KNOWN in Hotel Arena


From March 9, Hotel Arena presents an exhibition with work by photographer Reinier van der Aart.

Whether it is his beloved penetrating black and white or in soft colors, in duo tones or in the colors of the old Dutch masters; the story is leading and RDVA wants to share this story with you in the exhibition “RVDA The (UN)KNOWN”.

The collection includes staged portraits of well-known figures such as Peter Lindbergh, Anselm Kiefer and Damien Hirst, as well as anonymous individuals who did not even know they were being photographed. From a variation on the Pieta to abstract representations of nature and impossible landscapes, including works that have been exhibited in New York but not yet shown here. RVDA offers numbered art series and unique fabric pieces.

RVDA’s versatile portfolio includes classic C-prints previously shown at UNSEEN, to prints on bamboo paper from a previously unexhibited series. He also highlights his creative process with short films about making staged work, special ‘print’ techniques and the fascinating process of INK. His work ranges from lasered portraits in denim, shown at BIG ART and Salone del Mobile, to unprecedented abstract ‘studies of gradient’. Van der Aart is also known for his portraits of Paul Verhoeven, Anton Corbijn and Jan Taminiau, but also of Damien Hirst, John Cale and Dannii Minogue.

RVDA the (UN)Known, March 9 to April 8, 2024, Hotel Arena, ’s Gravesandestraat 55