1 Dec - 18 Mar

Rembrandt House closed; experience Rembrandt in the city and at home


Museum Rembrandthuis wants to inspire the world with Rembrandt and everything related to him. Now that the museum is temporarily closed for renovations, it brings Rembrandt to the people in different ways; below are a few tips for the coming month.

Project for the elderly
In October, the project for the elderly ‘Rembrandt under the arm’ was relaunched. The museum organizes workshops at 15 elderly centers and care homes in Amsterdam. A visit to the museum has always been complicated for frail elderly people because of the limited accessibility of Rembrandt’s old house. Now they can get closer to Rembrandt and his artistry. In total, approximately 250 elderly people will participate in the workshops this year

Walking with Rembrandt
Have you always wanted to know what Rembrandt’s favorite places in Amsterdam were? Now you can literally follow in his footsteps with a walk in which you explore the city together with Rembrandt. Discover where Rembrandt bought the rarities for his art chamber, where his patrons lived, and where he was buried. You can view the free walk from home, or do the route on foot via You can also book a guided city walk.

Rembrandt 360 experience
Take a look at Rembrandt’s house with the virtual 360-degree experience. In ultra-sharp image quality you are personally guided through the rooms of Rembrandt’s house and you get to know the artist. There is a guided tour by educator Julia Alvares especially for young people.

For young explorers, there are many more activities and creative tips on the museum’s website. In two video tutorials, demonstrator Yvonne takes viewers to Rembrandt’s studio and shows them exactly how Rembrandt proceeded. You can also watch documentaries on the website.

In March, the museum will reopen with 30% more Rembrandt, including more museum spaces, more stories and more daily demonstrations.

Rembrandt House Museum, Jodenbreestraat 4