10 Mar - 2 Apr

Program & Expo’s in Hotel Arena


Hotel Arena is a place where people find, inspire and enrich each other, through our love of art, culture, music, design and photography. This is part of Hotel Arena and we are happy to share it with you.

Eye On The City
In a series of photography, Hotel Arena presents the work of young talented New York City Salt artists Malike Sidibe and Daniel Martinez.

NYC Salt is a non-profit program in New York City. Their mission is to engage, inspire, and empower youth from underserved, predominantly immigrant communities in New York City to reach their full potential and develop a sense of agency, belonging, and integrated identity through the lens of a camera.
Hotel Arena will be presenting two artists with a collection of portraiture , a documentary project of the first couple dates of The Black Lives Matter Protests in NYC from 2020, published in the Time magazine and the New York Times magazine. In addition, you can also see a story about the community of a local basketball court in the South Bronx. The photographs offer a view of fashion, conflict and the community in New York City.
Until March 28th 2023, no entrance fee

Queering Puppets Festival

This year’s Queering Puppets Festival Amsterdam will take place at Plein Theater and Hotel Arena. Throughout the festival, expect large and smaller performances, street theatre, acts, installations, exhibitions and workshops.
The festival offers a stage to genre-transcending forms of visual theater and puppetry since 2022. A fusion of craft and technology, where traditional categories vanish in front of the eye of the beholder.

Plein Theater and Puppetry Workspace defy the norm with this festival full of colorful visual outbursts from NL and abroad. QPFA is LGBTQI+ friendly, feminist, activist and above all standing out in queerness!
Queering Puppets Festival, March 28th until April 2, tickets €4.50 – €17.50

Meer informatie en kaarten via de website van Hotel Arena, ’s-Gravesandestraat 55