1 Jul

Play: Oasis of Doubt in the Tropentheater


Our former Tropentheater, now the SDG House Theatre, will open again for a theatre play! We are happy to collaborate with the Orange Theater Company to organise a special one-time performance of their play “Oasis of Doubt” next week, Friday the first of July. Tickets and more information about the play can be found here.

Oasis of Doubt is a satirical drama, loosely based on the personal experiences of the writer Roberto Garcia Saez, a former Senior UN Officer.

“Do we really know each other or ourselves? Even if we start out with the purest intentions, what rules are we willing to break for the greater good when faced with an imperfect system?

Kristina Jones is facing charges of bribery in a UN trial. Investigators Paul Harrison and Hilde Burns have made it their personal mission to find out the truth. Who will be victorious?”

voormalige Tropentheater KIT, nu SDG House Theater