1 Jul - 31 Aug

Plantage-tips for kids


There is so much to do and discover in the neighborhood for the little ones among us this summer. Actually it is too much to mention. We give a few tips here, and please do look at our overview ‘Where to go and what to do in July-August’ for other tips.

Jewish Cultural Quarter; children’s exhibition and workshops

  • July 7, 2021 to June 26, 2022 Exhibition Eden and the Golden Rule, a virtual reality experience
  • 11 July, drawing workshop Mylo Freeman
  • 14, 21 & 28 July and Wednesday 4, 11 and 18 August, children’s workshop Fruit is growing in the attic.
  • 25 July and Sunday 1 & 8 August, children’s workshop Clay pomegranates
  • 20 August, children’s workshop Documentary photography

ARTIS and Micropia; Summer in ARTIS
These are, of course, children’s paradises, where you will never be bored. Have you seen the new Gibbon animal house, for example? Or the lions, who will stay in ARTIS anyway? If you prefer to follow a day program, that is also possible.

  • 9 July to 5 September; Summer at ARTIS, with activities for the whole family. From children’s yoga in which you learn how animals move to a drawing workshop at the elephants house. And you can learn about love in the animal kingdom during a walk in the park. Here you will find the daily program.
    Micropia offers is a special program for the whole family.

Museum Het Rembrandthuis, children’s activities

  • Go on a treasure hunt through the exhibition about the elephant Hansken and the drawing by Rembrandt, and complete the assignments. Then you get to work with a printing press: you make a print of an elephant yourself. You make the print on paper made from elephant dung! The workshop can also be followed online.
  • 14 August to 28 November 2021 Hello Rembrandt!, a playful exhibition for kids from 3 to 6 years old. Did you know that red paint was made from lice eggs? Or that Rembrandt had an art room at home? Play with the figures of The Night Watch or dress up as Rembrandt!

Hermitage Amsterdam Winning buildings with LEGO

  • The constructions of the LEGO competition can be admired in the exhibition ‘Tsars and Knights’. Among others, the impressive building White Lion’s Keep, with more than 65,000 stones, and the impressive fairytale castle ‘Once upon a time…’ with more than 30 fairy tales.

Jetbrains Techlab, Robot Playground

  • Do you want to discover everything about robots, stand face to face with them, talk to them, maybe even play with such a thing? Then go to the JetBrains Techlab. There you will be introduced to the technology behind robots and you can even play and interact with robots.

Hortus Amsterdam, children’s program

  • The Plant Toppers map takes the youngest among us through the garden past 15 record holders and their special features. You can also do the home plants scavenger hunt; you become an adventurer on a world tour and with a new passport in your pocket, you go from the jungle to the desert in search of the green inhabitants in their own habitat.