17 Nov - 16 May

Photos of the neighborhood by Cor Jaring in the Maritime Museum


The neighborhood around the Oosterdok in presentation ‘Cor Jaring; Neighborhood views and port portraits’ in the National Maritime Museum.

The Maritime Museum opened a new photo presentation on November 17 with sixty works by Cor Jaring. The date marks the tenth anniversary of the photographer’s death. The exhibition focuses on the places that shaped Jaring into the photographer he became: the neighborhoods around the Maritime Museum where he grew up, the Eastern Islands, and the Amsterdam port. These, in his own words, were his ‘academies’.

Award-winning photographer Cor Jaring became famous as the photographer of the counter-movements in Amsterdam in the 1960s and 1970s. Provo, Bart Huges who drilled a hole in his skull to be able to be high all the time, Amsterdam as the ‘magic center’ of the world, happenings around the Lieverdje, the bed-in in the Hilton with John and Yoko, hippies and protests: as a participating observer, Cor Jaring photographed his environment from the inside. What is less known is that he also made reports in Russia, Japan, Cambodia, Vietnam and Indonesia.

In 1975 Jaring received the World Press Photo Award for his image of the city of Amsterdam and in 2002 he was honored with the Frans Banninck Cocq Medal for his long-term achievements in the field of culture. He was also an honorary citizen of Amsterdam. Jaring was self-taught. He quickly understood that just a good photo does not make a good photographer. His personality and the way he interacted with people made Jaring the photographer he was. His photos are dynamic, rich in contrast and close to the skin. They are raw and loving.

Cor Jaring; Neighborhood views and harbor portraits, until May 16, 2024, National Maritime Museum, Kattenburgerplein 1