5 May - 5 Jun

Photo exhibition PR:OUD in Hotel Arena


We are getting older than ever. We’re aging better than ever. And yet many feel less than a year more. Why actually?

Get inspired and change your perspective with this wonderful photo exhibition. Micaela Bartels and Sevilay Maria van Dorst show the strength, beauty and (self) wisdom of an aging person.

Old is one of those words that will sooner or later describe us, whether we like it or not. Most of us like to ignore that fact and secretly hope to dodge that bullet. But here is a simple truth: unless you are planning on dying young, you will eventually find yourself being old. 

Is one phase of life really so much better than the other, or do we simply focus too much on the positive aspects of youth while getting stuck on the negative aspects of growing old?

With PR:OUD they hope to ignite a simple yet powerful shift in perception. What would happen if we decided to fully appreciate the old and experienced in others? And how would it feel if we extended that courtesy to ourselves?

PR:OUD, May 5th 2023 until June 5th 2023, Hotel Arena, ’s Gravesandestraat 55, free acces