22 Sep - 30 Aug

Order in the chaos; call for entries new exhibition Museum of the Spirit


When the world is chaotic and elusive, such as during a pandemic, people try to get a grip on reality by reducing it to a series of manageable lines and numbers. The exhibition ‘31553580 (Obsession) for Numbers & Schedules’ shows a longing for structure and logic in the chaotic world of every human being.

From September 22, 2022, the Museum of the Mind at Amstel 51 will change to one large schedule for this exhibition. Artworks by Doerte Weber, Eiko Ishizawa, George Widener and Lionel Plak bring peace to the mind, something that connects us all.

Submit your schedule or list!
For this new exhibition, artist Jan Hoek and curator Hanne Hagenaars are joining forces for the first time. Visitors are actively involved and can submit their most special lists and schedules in the run-up to the exhibition. These schedules will be presented in the museum during the exhibition.

Do you also have beautiful pages in your agenda, funny shopping lists, complicated timetables or very simple diary notes, send your photo to citing ‘Numbers’ and maybe your contribution will soon be hanging in the museum.

31553580 (Obsession) for Numbers & Schedules, September 22 to August 30, 2023, Museum of the Mind, Amstel 51