9 Mar - 11 Mar

Opera Week at Luther Museum: Mozart versus Salieri


Watching an opera in a museum? That’s possible!

An Opera Week will take place in the Luther Museum from 9 to 11 March, in which Mozart competes against Salieri. On February 7, 1786, a competition took place in the gardens of Schönbrunn Palace. Two operas were performed simultaneously: Der Schauspieldirektor by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and Prima la musica e poi de parole by Antonio Salieri. It was up to the public to choose a winner.

With these two operas in the lead role, the Luther Museum is organizing the Opera Week following the successful previous Bach week. A varied musical program of six concerts under the inspiring artistic direction of Jeroen Sarphati.

The Old Men’s and Women’s House, which houses the Luther Museum, has a long tradition of musical performances. Since the opening of the building in 1772, music regularly sounded through the corridors.

Will the Opera Week be quieter this time? Or will the singers on stage gouge each other’s eyes, hoping that their part will be the most praised? Will the audience be able to enjoy the beautiful music without judgement, or will there be a vote afterwards as to which piece was the best?

Opera Week, 9 to 11 March, Luther Museum Amsterdam, Nieuwe Keizersgracht 570, tickets; €21 regular, €16 with Museum Card, can be ordered via the website!