8 Mar - 17 Mar

Opera Forward Festival OFF


Inspiring, challenging and innovative. Immerse yourself in the 8th edition of the Opera Forward Festival (OFF), from March 8 to 17.

With musical performances by established names and a new generation of makers, OFF experiments and enters unknown territory with innovative and ground-breaking musical theater productions.

During OFF 2024, the theme ‘(ir)responsibility’ is central: What is our responsibility as people, as artists, as an institution? How far do our responsibilities extend and what kind of world awaits us if we continue to ignore them?

Operas and much more
Of course there are operas; World premieres, current themes and ground-breaking musical theatre, such as: Oedipus Rex / Antigone, The Shell Trial and The Four Note Opera. There are also Labs: students from various art courses from across the country work together and experiment with the art form of opera. And there is a varied festival program – day and night – with extra activities; with performances, debates, concerts and of course fantastic parties.

Opera Forward Festival, March 8 to 17, National Opera & Ballet, Amstel 3