24 Oct - 20 Nov

Open air exhibition winners Roots nature photo competition in Hortus


An open-air exhibition of the impressive prize-winning nature photos from the Roots Nature Photo Competition can be seen in the Hortus until 20 November.

From the more than 6,100 entries, winners have been selected for public and jury awards and there is one overall winner. As every year, the results are breathtaking: many photographers will do anything to shoot the perfect picture. From frozen, fairytale-like winter landscape to abstract macro image: nature remains an inexhaustible source of inspiration. And now the public can also dream away at all the beauty that Dutch nature has to offer.

Roots Nature Photo Contest
For more than 15 years, Roots Magazine has been organizing the prestigious Roots Nature Photo Competition, which has since grown into one of the most important competitions in Dutch nature photography. This year’s top prize went to Maurice Smeets, with his winning sculpture ‘Galloway (Autumn)’. The audience chose ‘Robin in wintermood (Winterdipje)’ by Tim de Zeeuw. In addition, the jury has selected a winner from the thousands of photos in the categories: Birds, Other animals, Plant kingdom, Landscape, Insects, and Art of Nature.

Open air exhibition Roots Nature photo competition, until 20 November, Hortus, Plantage Middenlaan 2a