1 Feb - 1 May

Online exhibition: Vulnerability and strength


“Every person is more or less vulnerable and counts” Floortje Scheepers, Psychiatrist UMC Utrecht The exhibition

“Vulnerability and Strength” consists of 22 black and white portraits of psychiatric patients, mental health professionals, family members of patients and other people closely involved in mental health care. The portraits were made by Bart Koetsier, the accompanying interviews were held by Arnon Grunberg and brain scans are on display, to show the contrast between the search for abnormal brain structures and the individual story that a portrait photo tells.

In the interviews vulnerability and strength are shown, without mentioning a name or position. The exhibition draws attention to the fact that everyone is vulnerable and powerful and that we are all human. When you have to deal with psychological disturbances, you are all too often seen in society as weak, dangerous or different from others. As if struggling with psychological challenges is reserved for a special group of people.

The online version of the exhibition features eight of the portraits and stories. The entire exhibition can be viewed from May 2021 in the town hall of Utrecht, after which it will travel on to Rotterdam and Amsterdam.

Online exhibition of Museum van de Geest, via the website.