12 May - 31 Dec

Online exhibition ‘Overlooked’


Taking care of the mind in corona time; online exhibition Museum of the Mind from 12 May, the ‘Day of Nursing’.

Museum of the Mind presents ‘Overlooked’, an interactive online exhibition about worries for the mind in corona times. The pandemic, which has cought us for over a year, has a major impact on our mental health. What does that mean for care providers and clients in mental health care? Stories of fear, hope and resilience, captured in impressive photos and web documentaries, show you a world that has been overlooked during the crisis.

Experiences with corona
“Overlooked” is living history. During the pandemic and in its aftermath, there will be stories from a sector that often remains closed to outsiders. People who are often forgotten are given a voice. For example, you can read the experiences with corona of homeless people, refugees and victims of domestic violence. The web documentaries paint an inspiring picture of passionate and committed healthcare professionals who treat people with a psychological vulnerability with innovative online therapies.

Visitors are also asked about their experiences. How do you take care of your mind in corona time? What do you think has been “overlooked”? Share a photo, object, text or special moment that you think about when it comes to the corona pandemic. The exhibition is an ongoing project, so more stories will be added.

The multimedia stories are presented on a special website of the Museum van de Geest.

Museum of the Spirit, Hermitage Amsterdam, Amstel 51