29 Jan - 8 Jan

New in Hermitage; Russian avant-garde


From January 29, the Hermitage Amsterdam will present the long-awaited exhibition ‘Russian avant-garde; Revolution in the Arts’. This exhibition tells an intriguing story of Russian avant-garde art from the last years of Imperial Russia through the turbulent times surrounding the Revolution of 1917, to its end in the Stalin era.

500 works on canvas, textiles, paper and especially porcelain
The Russian avant-garde artists, whose best-known artists are Malevich and Kandinsky, made a name for themselves with their radical innovations in painting. But they also devoted themselves to the design of interiors and theater sets, utensils and books.
The most surprising medium for the new artistic imagery was porcelain, which was the favorite material of the Tsars. It was widely available and completely white, which was a reason for many artists to work with it. So much of it has been preserved that porcelain can tell the whole story of the Russian avant-garde like no other. About five hundred works on canvas, paper, textiles and especially porcelain show the imagination of the avant-gardes, their predecessors and followers. They show a revolution in art.

Russian avant-garde; Revolution in the Arts, January 29th, 2022 to January 8th , 2023.

Hermitage Amsterdam, Amstel 51,