5 Mar - 17 Apr

New exhibition Outsider Art Gallery


The work of the artists Bob van Brunschot, Jescika van Overveld and Ricardo Beltran Mazorra, which can be seen in the gallery as of March, can perhaps be characterized as naive art because of the apparently simple way in which space, colour, material and detail are treated. But if you look closely, you will discover complex representations that arise from a rich imagination.

Bob van Brunschot (Waalwijk, 1965) is an autodidact and finds inspiration for his paintings in the photography of Brassai, Dianne Arbus and Ed van der Elsken, among others. They often portrayed people on the fringes of society, ‘het geteisem’ as Bob calls it. By painting in color the usually black and white photos, a new, autonomous image is created.

Jescika van Overveld (Aalsmeer, 1969) works at the Outsider Art Ateliers. Her work was initially characterized by the endless repetition of small shapes such as beetles, birds and fish. Gradually she has become a master at mixing colors and rendering texture.

Ricardo Beltran Mazorra (Havana, Cuba, 1972) has lived in Vienna since 2010. After a few years in casual jobs, he became a nurse at home with a severely handicapped man. He started making drawings with this patient. It became a big pile and that gave Ricardo the idea to work out the drawings in color.

Bob van Brunschot | Jescika van Overveld | Ricardo Beltran Mazorra, Outsider Art Gallery, March 5th until April 17th 2022, 12:00 PM – 5:00 PM