4 Nov - 5 Nov



November 4 and 5: let’s do something together for nature and climate on the Nature Working Day

The people of the Netherlands can once again participate in the National Nature Working Day. On Friday 4 and Saturday 5 November, there will be nature jobs all over the country that contribute to nature conservation and restoration, such as pollarding willow trees, planting bulbs, building insect hotels, planting trees and many other activities. This kind of help in nature reserves is desperately needed.

Every year, more than 15,000 participants take part in this national day in green, with more than 500 nature jobs throughout the country. This year the Nature Working Day is in the mids of the National Climate Week. A great opportunity to get acquainted with green volunteer work and to work together with others for a piece of nature in your area.

Join us on November 4 and 5
The projects on the Nature Working Day contribute to the living environment of many (endangered) plants and animals. A healthy living environment is important to absorb the effects of climate change. Do you also want to do something for nature and climate and work outside for a day together with neighbours, friends or family to contribute to your green environment? In addition to doing something good for nature, you also meet new people on the Nature Working Day.

On you will find jobs in your area and it is possible to register. It is also possible to register a job yourself. A number of activities are organized by fellow neighborhood network member IVN.