1 Jul

National Remembrance History of Slavery in Oosterpark and Keti Koti


The National Remembrance History of Slavery takes place on Thursday 1 July in the Oosterpark at the National Slavery Past Memorial. We commemorate the 158th anniversary of the formal abolition of slavery in Suriname and the former Netherlands Antilles. This year’s commemoration will be without an audience due to the corona measures, but will be broadcast live by the NOS on 1 July from 13:00 to 14:30.

Keti Koti Festival canceled
Usually after the commemoration, the Keti Koti Festivalstarts; the celebration of the abolition of slavery with various performances on the various stages in the Oosterpark. Unfortunately, the 2021 edition is cancelled. There is, however, an online celebration with a concert in Paradiso, broadcast from 9 p.m. via AT5. The concert is an ode to traditional Kawina music.

Marathon debate ‘Apologies for Amsterdam’s slavery past?’
In a Marathon debate at 3 locations, people from various disciplines talk about Amsterdam’s slavery past: how extensive is that past, should Amsterdam apologize for it and what are the consequences? Can be viewed from 6 p.m. on AT5 and via the streaming portals of De Balie and the Keti Koti festival.

More information on the website of the city of Amsterdam.