16 Apr - 29 Apr

Mini-expo Ik Zie Je


In collaboration with the artist Nnelg (formerly known as Yung Nnelg), who was born in Amsterdam Southeast, the Amsterdam Museum presents a selection of works from his latest album ‘Ik Zie Je’ from 16 April to 29 April. For his new album, Nnelg researched Ghanaian culture and its roots, with self-acceptance as the central theme. In addition to an album, Nnelg also translated this into the mini-expo where Nnelg shows his own process and personal growth in various works.

Mini-expo I See You
“There are potential talents in every child, but the opportunities to develop yourself are not always the same for everyone.” Nnelg has felt that as a young boy he has been ‘seen’ by someone and now wants to use his position to help young people find their strength and make themselves feel seen and heard. For example, the one-piece only Nnelg x ByBorre (designer Borre Akkersdijk) can be seen, in which Adinkra symbols from the Ghanaian Asante tribe have been incorporated. The fabric from which the jacket is made is also on display, here you can clearly see the postal codes 1103 – 1107 that refer to Amsterdam Zuidoost, where Nnelg grew up.

Enrica Masi is an Italian artist/graphic designer who has done artwork for Nnelg releases before. For ‘Ik Zie Je’, Masi had conversations with Nnelg and made three paintings, Mojo, Ghana must go and Ik Zie Je.

The short documentary video Gye Nyame (Only God) directed by Ashley Röttjers gives visual context to the special collaboration between Nnelg and Byborre. Based on the making process, the viewer gains insight into the ideas behind making the fabric for the jacket. Writing the songs for the album on Vlieland, Bram Romkes documented part of this creative process. A selection from this photo series can also be seen in the Amsterdam Museum.

About Nnelg
Born in Amsterdam Southeast, artist Nnelg, formerly known as Yung Nnelg, is regarded as one of the most diverse artists of his generation. In addition to being part of rap collective SMIB for years, Glenn – as Nnelg goes through life – has been working as a solo artist for a long time. He previously had success with the song Girl ft. Idaly, his international Colors session, he did creative direction for clothing brand The New Originals and featuring artists such as Zwangere Guy, S10, sor and Winne. So now there is an exhibition.

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