23 Apr - 5 May

Baking matzos during Passover


It’s Passover, the festival of freedom!

Passover is a Jewish festival that lasts eight days. It is celebrated that the Jewish people lived long ago in slavery, but now in freedom. Eating together is of course part of it, just as iftar and Easter breakfast take place around the same time.

In the Jewish Museum junior, families and children can bake their own matzos. Would you like to get started in our kitchen and discover where the matzos tradition comes from? Then come along during Passover on April 23 to 30.

You do not need to register in advance. 

Plan your visit in advance by purchasing a ticket and checking the opening hours.

Baking Matzos, Jewish Museum Junior, Amstelstraat 1, admission: free + museum ticket.

Joods Museum junior