1 Oct - 27 Mar

Maritime Museum presents top 17th-century marine painting


The Maritime Museum presents a retrospective of the artists Willem van de Velde the Elder and his son Willem van de Velde the Younger. They belong to the absolute top of 17th-century sea painting.

The visitor steps into the maritime world of the Van de Veldes, and comes face to face with rough sketches, calm seascapes, dramatic storms and impressive naval battles. Father and son Van de Velde had a flourishing and internationally operating family studio that existed for seventy years and belonged to the pinnacle of 17th-century marine painting. Willem van de Velde the Elder (1611-1693) excelled in detailed pen drawings and Willem van de Velde the Younger (1633-1711) in atmospheric paintings in oil. In addition to works from the Scheepvaartmuseum’s own collection, the exhibition also contains many loans from the British and Dutch royal collections and the National Maritime Museum in Greenwich, the Mauritshuis and the Rijksmuseum.

War correspondent
The meticulous pen paintings by Willem van de Velde the Elder are famous. These ink drawings were made on canvas or panel in the format of a large painting. Van de Velde himself was often present at major battles, sailing in a small sailing ship, as a real ‘embedded journalist’. He sketched the combat actions on paper and then worked them out later in his studio. On Episode from the Naval Battle in the Sont (ca. 1660), Van de Velde depicted himself sailing between the countless ships engaged in fierce battle (collection of Stedelijk Museum Alkmaar).

What exhibition Willem van de Velde & Son

When October 1, 2021 to March 27, 2022

The Maritime Museum, Kattenburgerplein 1