28 Mar - 24 Jun

Machine Wilderness in ARTIS


Can technology make you feel what it is like to be a slime mold, ant or elephant? How does artificial intelligence communicate with animals and plants? And can you make a robot dream about nature?

Artificial intelligence is the ability of machines, software and devices to imitate the human mind. Think, for example, of reasoning, learning and planning. Machine Wilderness is an artistic research project in which eight artists in different places in ARTIS search for the relationship between people, nature and technology.

ARTIS as a meeting place
Technology is often associated with the alienation of nature. But is that true? Machine Wilderness is investigating whether it can also help us get closer to life on Earth. This is particularly relevant in ARTIS, because ARTIS is a meeting place where we bring nature close in an imaginative way and facilitate debate about how people value, understand and treat nature. In ARTIS, (restoring) contact with all life on earth is paramount.

Meet the ARTISTs
Up to and including 24 June, eight international artists will be working in ARTIS. The artists, also known as ARTISTs, each stay at ARTIS for a few weeks. They work at various locations in the park and also have a studio and presentation space at their disposal. Through experiments, they try to get closer to the lives of other creatures and hope to reveal hidden worlds.

Visitors can see the artists at work in the park and engage in conversation with them. The artists can be recognized by their artist’s vest. During their residency, they also hold an open studio or workshop for the public every Wednesday between 3 and 5 PM.

Machine Wilderness, until June 24th, ARTIS, Plantage Kerklaan 38-40

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