3 Mar - 1 Jul

Love for art and American passion in Museum of the Mind


Museum of the Mind (the former Outsider Art Museum) opens its doors after the lockdown with two new exhibitions. The opening is scheduled for March 3, keep an eye on the website when a visit is possible again.

Collection with passion
In “For the Love of Art” the museum shows masterpieces from ten years of collecting. The museum has a diverse art collection that tells one universal story. The story of the maker who, through art, conveys the love for the process of creating and thereby exposes a part of his inner world. The passion is palpable in the more than 90 works.

Eleven original artists
“Art Against the Flow: Chicago Calling” is an exhibition about the intertwined histories of eleven exceptionally original artists, including Lee Godie, Joseph Yoakum and the famous Henry Darger. During their lifetime there was little or no interaction between them. By bringing their works together, the museum presents exchanges of feelings, ideas, intentions, beliefs and imagined conversations.

The selection has been compiled by Intuit: The Center for Intuitive and Outsider Art in Chicago. It is no coincidence that this museum of outsider art is located in Chicago, the city has a long history of receptivity that is not limited to the art scene.

‘For the Love of Art: Collectie Highlights’ en ‘Art Against the Flow, closing date unknown,

Museum van de Geest, Amsterdam, Amstel 51