6 May - 19 May

Kriterion in a state of decay


Kriterion is in a state of decay. The film theater run by students was closed at the first lockdown and it still is, with a short break in the summer.

Made from newspapers left unread, weary from their repeated messages, from wine bottles drunk from boredom, from clothes once worn on now forbidden occasions. That is the material that has been used for the creatures that show not only the state of Kriterion, but that of man.

The human being who has shown how easily he adapts, has shown that he can get used to almost anything – the human being who may indeed have fundamentally changed.

Along the route of the take-out at Kriterion you can see the creatures, in places where you yourself may have once taken a seat; in the hustle and bustle of the empty café, gazing out from the window, waiting in line in the hallway, or in the red space of cinema K1. The exhibition will develop and expand in the coming period, as long as the lockdown lasts.

More info and photos, see here | FB event