25 Nov - 27 Nov

Korean Film Festival K-Weekender in Kriterion


FIRST EDITION K-WEEKENDER 25 to 27 November in Kriterion

2022 marks the first edition of the K-weekender, a Korean film festival. We are proud and happy to partner with ZAANCHI – the Korean Culture Collective. From November 25 to 27, we screen several Korean films, supported by delicious Korean food, cooking workshops and art installations by young Korean artists. In addition, there will be music from NAONE, and others.

The Korean Culture Collective, curated by ‘ZAANCHI’, was founded by two Korean friends living in Amsterdam.”It all started with a question we were often asked: “Why are you so angry?” to explore the origins of our anger and to navigate where this anger might take us, now we are ready to share and process our findings with you through angry eating and spicy movies.

The first edition of K-weekender revolves around the subject of RAGE (‘HWA’). HWA, which means both “fire” and “anger” in Korean, can be found in every corner of Korean culture, including our food and movies. Koreans are angry people. As fire hardens wood into charcoal, ANGER has hardened us into who we are today. Fierce, fiery, passionate, angry people.”

More information about the program can be found here.

Kriterion, Roeterstraat 170