16 Sep - 20 May

Julius Caesar at H’ART Museum


The new exhibition ‘Julius Caesar – I came, I saw and perished’ can be seen in the H’ART Museum. It is the first major solo exhibition about the Roman dictator in the Netherlands.

The life story of Julius Caesar is told on the basis of almost one hundred and fifty centuries-old objects; a life that is both fascinating and controversial, of perhaps the most famous Roman of all time. Caesar was a legendary general, talented orator and unusual statesman who became one of the most powerful rulers of his time. His death is perhaps the most famous political assassination ever.

More than two thousand years later, his legacy is still relevant. The dictator after whom the month of July is named, from whom we derive the title of emperor, who is said to have had a passionate relationship with Cleopatra and who violently subjected parts of modern-day Europe to his authority. A source of inspiration for many, from Shakespeare to Napoleon. The exhibition unravels myths and approaches the reality of his victories and legacy, from highlights to dark sides.

Caesar for all ages
The exhibition is suitable for all ages. There are beautiful antique treasures to admire, an exciting treasure hunt and educational tours for primary school students and young adults. For the youngest visitors there are fun activity books (from 4 years) and treasure hunts (from 8 years). There is also a lecture program, concerts, workshops and a podcast series.

Julius Caesar – I came, I saw and I perished, until May 20, 2024, H’ART Museum, Amstel 51