1 May - 31 May

It’s ARTIS’ birthday… ARTIS treats!


ARTIS celebrates its 185th anniversary throughout the month of May with special activities in which you dive into the most beautiful, historical stories.

Whoever has his birthday, treats! If you buy a ticket for ARTIS-Park in May, you can also visit ARTIS-Micropia and the ARTIS-Groote Museum for free.

Throughout the month there are special tours, experience walks, lectures and all kinds of activities during the May holidays, both in the park and in the Groote Museum and Micropia. Below is a selection from the offer; the entire program of activities can be found on the website.

Experience walk ‘ARTIS Connects’; distributed throughout the park daily throughout the month of May
ARTIS has been connecting people with greenery, animals and each other for 185 years. During the experience walk you look through someone else’s eyes at the 185-year past of the oldest zoo in the Netherlands on the basis of historical photos, activities and audio fragments. Scientist Maarten Reesink tells you about human-animal relationships, author Bette Westra reads her special ARTIS poems and photojournalist Hans Aarsman takes a closer look at historical photos. You follow the walk using QR codes scattered throughout the park.

ARTIS has been telling stories for 185 years; every Wednesday at 11 a.m. (Insectarium) and 5 p.m. (Ape House)
ARTIS was started out of curiosity, to learn more about nature. For 185 years this has led to new knowledge and the nature stories in the park have been piling up. Some are hidden, you don’t see them until you know them. These hidden gems come to life again in ‘ARTIS Tells for 185 years’. Like about the most famous monkey in Amsterdam. And about what the animals used to eat and what they eat now?

The monument garden; from May 13 every weekend at 11 a.m. and 1 p.m No less than 26 national monuments can be found in ARTIS. The Old Incubator House dates from 1730, so well before the construction of ARTIS. The oldest oak tree in Amsterdam can also be found in ARTIS. During this tour you will discover more about the history of heritage, buildings and art that is visible when you walk through the park.

Heaven on earth; May 30 at 7:30 pm at the ARTIS Planetarium
100 years ago, the world’s first planetarium projector was presented in Germany. For millennia, man has been making instruments to bring the universe closer. Celebrate Planetaria’s centenary with a virtual visit to the Frisian Eise Eisinga Planetarium with the 360-degree imaging technique developed in ARTIS, which allowed visitors to stand on the moon for the first time.

ARTIS, open daily, Plantage Kerklaan 38-40