31 Jan - 18 Feb

Hortus online


Enjoying the first winter sunshine in the Hortus is not an option this year due to the closure because of corona. The colorful winter bloomers in the garden make a cheerful sight. And the promising buds of the magnolia trees also betray the first sign of spring. That is why the Hortus comes to you and you can experience the ‘Hortus feeling’ at home with a live lunch walk or tour online.

LIVE Lunch walk
Would you like to take a digital stroll through the Hortus during your lunch break and learn more about the collection? A LIVE Lunch walk starts every Thursday, accompanied by one of our Hortus guides. During this online tour, the guide will show you a number of special plants in the Hortus collection and tell you about the history of the garden.

Customized online tour
It is also possible to book a tailor-made online tour for your friends, family or colleagues. As a birthday party, for example, or as an alternative to the weekly team zoom meetings with your colleagues? Everyone taking a break together with lunch? Treat your friends, family, team or employees to a relaxing nature moment. Hortus Amsterdam hopes to make staying at home a bit more fun and green!

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