1 Apr - 15 May

Hermitage shows Dutch audience favorites


Painting ‘The Milkmaid’ by Johannes Vermeer first in new series of focus exhibitions: Dutch Heritage Amsterdam, on display from Friday 1 April to Sunday 15 May.

Johannes Vermeer’s world-famous painting The Milkmaid (c. 1660) arrived this afternoon at her new, temporary address in Hermitage Amsterdam. Under the watchful eye of Mayor Halsema, Rijksmuseum director Dibbits and Hermitage director Birnie, the work was presented to the press. The Rijksmuseum lends the painting – the personal favorite of Mayor Halsema – for six weeks.

New series of exhibitions
It is the kick-off for a unique series of focus exhibitions in the museum on the Amstel. After the premature closing of the current exhibition, due to the museum’s break with Russia, the museum ended up in an exceptional situation. Under the name Dutch Heritage Amsterdam, the museum is now presenting a new series of exhibitions. In each case, one top piece from a leading Dutch collection is central.

The Milkmaid
Public favorite of the Rijksmuseum The milkmaid plays the leading role during the first edition. The highlight is of course the masterpiece itself, but there is more to see. Visitors are given the opportunity to playfully delve into the technical details of the painting and attention is paid to the master’s iconic use of color in the special studio space. All senses are stimulated; from music and (moving) images to scent. Visitors to the museum are briefly ‘immersed’ in the world of Vermeer and his Milkmaid, with full attention to the historical context and background.

Dutch Heritage Amsterdam is a series for everyone. Activities are organized for all ages; from special guided tours and creative painting workshops in the courtyard to treasure hunts and drawing assignments for the little ones. After the summer, the museum will come up with a new programming. The museum is now reflecting on its long-term future.

Dutch Heritage Amsterdam, Hermitage Amsterdam, Amstel 3