1 Mar - 6 Jun

Healing Power in Tropenmuseum


As if it was meant to behad to be in this Corona period: Tropenmuseum scheduled the exhibition “Healing Power; Winti, Shamanism and Witchcraft’ for this spring. Now the museum is closed due to corona. As soon as the museums are allowed to reopen, you can visit this special exhibition about Winti, shamanism, witchcraft and much more ‘healing power’ from the past and present.

Healing Power highlights a number of healing practices that are important to millions of people in the world. If you are not feeling comfortable, then a doctor’s visit is obvious. However, some people turn to treatment methods that can be traced back to old traditions. From amulets, singing bowls and hypnotic drums to shamans, witches and voodoo priests: plenty on offer. The exhibition provides insight into various forms of healing power and shows the search of modern man for balance between body, soul and spirit.

Healing Power, Tropenmuseum Amsterdam, Linnaeusstraat 2