10 Oct

Happiness in the Oosterpark


On Sunday 10 October, the Oosterpark will be the scene of a special work of art. 1000 small PHiNG-THiNGS form a cheerful scene together, located between the music dome and the wading pool. The white figurines are all provided with a congratulation. Come and admire the little lucky charms and take one home.

Artist Gert-Jan Vlaming designed the PHiNG-THiNG in 2005. The plaster figurines have already brought good luck to visitors to the Inner Temple Garden in London. Now it’s the turn of the visitors of the Oosterpark.

Connecting people
The PHiNG-THiNGS are made for and by all kinds of different people. The aim of the art project is to make people happy and to connect them. The figurines for the Oosterpark are produced in a workshop of perMens, an organization that works with and for vulnerable people. Primary school students, visitors to the Roots Festival and other Amsterdammers came up with congratulations for someone else.

Artwork for a day
On Sunday 10 October, the figurines can be found between the music dome and the wading pool. You walk into the work of art near the paddling pool. Take a look around and take home a lucky charm. The number of fortune seekers is managed in the right direction.

PHiNG-THiNGS in the Oosterpark, Sunday 10 October.