27 Feb - 5 Mar

Fun activities in the Czaar Peter District


In addition to a delicious lunch, shopping and coffee, there are more fun activities to do in the Czaar Peter District.

Pansy organises various ceramics workshops and Shaggies gives Tufting workshops.

The National Maritime Museum has a new exhibition for the little ones: Diver Doris. In the world of Diver Doris there are various activities for children from two to six years old. For example, you can make sea creatures from blocks, play in a boat, solve a puzzle about what belongs in the sea and walk – or crawl – through a forest of seaweed. Also, Diver Doris needs help to bring the lighthouse’s missing lamp back into the story.⁣

More information about the activities in the Czaar Peter District can be found on their website.

Czaar Peter District