25 Feb

February strike commemoration


It is almost time for the annual commemoration of the February Strike on the Jonas Daniël Meijerplein. Soon the posters – designed this year by artist Max Phillippi – will be hanging throughout the city again.

What can you expect from this year’s commemoration? FNV chairman and loyal visitor to the commemoration Tuur Elzinga gives a speech, as does the chairman of the committee, Jaïr Stranders. Spoken word artist Roziena Salihu gives a speech and Lucky Fonz III sings a song.

Why do we commemorate?
The February strike of 1941 made a great impression nationally and internationally. It has been the only broad civil protest in occupied Europe against the anti-Jewish measures of the Nazis. In 1946, as a token of recognition and appreciation, Queen Wilhelmina awarded the municipality of Amsterdam the motto “Heroic, determined, merciful”, which has since been added to the city coat of arms.

The strike, a source of inspiration in our country at the time, is seen as a powerful symbol of resistance against injustice done to others than one’s own group and as an act of solidarity with fellow citizens who are being discriminated against. Its commemoration aims at connecting the present with the past, and at vigilance against any form of discrimination.

Will you be there on Saturday 25 February?
For more information about the commemoration, visit the website.