18 May - 24 Aug

Express Your Freedom – What does freedom mean to you?


Exhibition in Outsider Gallery of work in which makers express their personal experience of freedom

In 2023 it will actually be 150 years since slavery was abolished in the Kingdom of the Netherlands. During the Commemoration Year for the History of Slavery, which started on July 1, 2023, we will spend a year reflecting on the Dutch history of slavery and how this still affects people’s lives today.

Cordaan also thinks it is very important to consider this. We create space for colleagues, clients and their loved ones to talk about this subject, reflect on it and thus create more awareness.

At the start of the commemoration year, participation coach Chaya Sara from the ‘Koningsvrouwen van Landlust’ residential location developed a valuable activity for residents with a mild intellectual disability, called “Express your freedom: what does freedom mean to you?” She asked participants to visualize what freedom means to them. This activity was so successful that several other locations started organizing the same activity. And so a collection of freedom works from various healthcare domains was created by clients, their loved ones and colleagues that deserves to be shared with more people!

With this exhibition we respond to the makers’ wish to exhibit their work and actively involve even more people in conversations around the commemoration year and the theme of freedom. The Outsider Art Gallery is happy to hoast these works and supplements the Express your freedom-collection with work by artists who work at the Outsider art studio and at other studios for artists who find it difficult to create their own stage.

Have a conversation
Every week an artist from the studio is present in the gallery to discuss with you and as a visitor you are invited to create new work based on the express your freedom method and add it to the exhibition. Keep an eye on our socials for more information about the Keti Koti celebration on July 1 and other activities!

Until August 24, 2024, Express your Freedom, Outsider Art Gallery, Neerlandiaplein 7, Wed to Sat 12pm – 5pm