25 May - 4 Jul

Exhibition: State of Mind by Renata Dutrée


Hotel Arena would like to invite you to this solo exhibition by the Dutch artist Renata Dutrée.

Renata Dutrée is a Dutch photographer and former dermatologist. She makes beautiful classical portraits and still lifes, which can now be seen in Hotel Arena. Dutrée has received international recognition for her inclusive and intimate photographs. There is a selection from different series that she has made in the past 3 years.

Dutrée uses light with references to symbolism, religion, art, and history. In her artworks she intertwines personal stories and emotions of the models with past experiences as a medical doctor. She explores ways to portray humanity in a different way, by giving space to expressing an inner life, one that is kept hidden and giving it significance and legitimacy.
She draws attention to the possible aftermath of difficulties that we may encounter in our lives and they transcend the individual story and reflect on what is happening around us.

Exhibition State of Mind, Renata Dutrée, until July 4th
Hotel Arena, ‘s-Gravesandestraat 55