5 Jun - 31 Dec

Exhibition Rembrandt’s elephant Hansken


The famous elephant immortalized by Rembrandt is the subject of a new exhibition in Het Rembrandthuis

The museum presents an exhibition about the Asian elephant Hansken, in collaboration with ARTIS. In the mid-seventeenth century, Hansken was the only living elephant on the continent. She was taken to fairs, fairs and courts. When Hansken was in Amsterdam in 1637, Rembrandt saw and drew her. The exhibition tells the life story of Hansken.

Hansken, Rembrandt’s Elephant
Hansken’s story is wonderful, but also moving. She has endured a lot in her life; she was forced to make long journeys and had to perform constantly. In the exhibition you will see works of art by Rembrandt and his contemporaries, historical documents and a digital map on which you can explore Hansken’s traces through Europe. Also on display is Hansken’s skull, which has been preserved and brought to the museum from Italy especially for this exhibition. In addition to the beautiful works of art made of her by Rembrandt and his contemporaries, the contemporary perspectives on elephant welfare are also highlighted.

Activities for young and old
There are fun activities for children from 6 to 12 years old; learn to draw elephants like Rembrandt, follow Hansken’s journey from Ceylon to Amsterdam and reassemble her skeleton. In addition, there are workshops for adults and children, ARTIS Academy organizes a lecture with a guided tour in the animal park and drawing workshops at the elephant enclosure by teachers from ARTIS Ateliers.

Hansken, Rembrandt’s Elephant, Rembrandt House Museum, Jodenbreestraat 4