18 Aug - 13 Sep

Exhibition Marta Syrko; welcome!


As a member of this network you are cordially invited to the event on the occasion of the exhibition of the work of Marta Syrko in Hotel Arena on August 27.

Marta Syrko Resprospective
Hotel Arena proudly presents this new exhibition by Marta Syrko. Marta Syrko is an artist who works with different media and techniques to explore the connection between art history, social issues and the human body.

As a photographer and art director, she used her skills to create fine art photographs that stunned and made a statement. She is fascinated by how the past informs the present and how we can learn from the artistic traditions of previous generations. She also used portrait photography to explore contemporary concerns and questions around identity, representation and the body.

Resprospective Exhibition Marta Syrko, from August 18 to September 13, Hotel Arena, ’s Gravesandestraat 55

Event & Opening – Sunday, August 27, 3:30 pm.