22 Apr

Earth Day April 22


Improve the world; start with yourself… could it be otherwise than that this is the motto of the organizers of Earth Day.

April 22 is Earth Day. In a turbulent world full of uncertainty about the future, people long for positive impulses. Earth Day aims to be such an impulse; a day when people realize the value of the earth, the beauty that nature brings, how to enjoy a new spring, and the good that life has to offer.

The agenda for Earth Day is broad and, in addition to nature and the environment, also includes development cooperation, social relations, consumption, overpopulation and the economy. The aim is to create awareness and global sustainable development.

In the countries where Earth Day has been established for some time, you can see a large number of local activities, such as markets, walking tours, music festivals or clean-ups and often a few major events, such as a 500 km long human chain in France in 1990.

What are you doing on April 22?
Check out the Earth Day website and the Earth Newspaper to find out what there is to do, how you can be inspired and what you can contribute.