21 Jun

Dag van de Yoga


June 21 has been declared International Yoga Day (International Day of Yoga) by the United Nations. Worldwide there are thousands of yoga events on this day.

Yoga originated in India and is a Hindu philosophy that teaches to control the mind, the feeling and the body, in order to achieve union with God.
There is also plenty of yoga in our area, whether you want to start or are already a real Yogi. Check out these sites and find out what suits you best.

BlueBirds Yoga Oost, Louise Wentstraat 186
A resting place in the bustle of the city, where in addition to all kinds of lessons you can also go for a massage, nutritional advice, physio and coaching.

Delight Yoga, Nieuwe Kerkstraat 157 
Whether you want to discover yoga or be trained as a teacher, you’ve come to the right place.

Fusion Yoga, Entrepotdok 220 
Sylvia is specialized in teaching yoga for women to influence the endocrine system as positively as possible.
uBuntu Yoga, Entrepotdok 55a 
Transformative Yoga that aims to transform anything based on fear into love.

Namasté, and a happy Yoga Day to everyone!