11 Jun - 10 Sep

Curator Tours ANOHNI


Dorine Maat, junior curator at the Amsterdam Museum, will take you through the exhibition SHE WHO SAW BEAUTIFUL THINGS on 11, 25 June (in collaboration with Holland Festival), 15 July and 10 September.

SHE WHO SAW BEAUTIFUL THINGS is curated by visual artist, musician, director and this year associate artist of the Holland Festival: ANOHNI. The exhibition is a celebration of what ANOHNI calls “enlightened femininity” and androgyny. On the basis of portraits and her own work, she pays tribute to her collaboration partner Dr. Julia Yasuda. The photos were taken by Erika Yasuda (Julia’s wife) and are an important part of the exhibition.

Dorine Maat gives various tours through this exhibition and is a junior curator at the Amsterdam Museum with a specialization in the history of Amsterdam. She worked on various exhibitions for the Amsterdam Museum (Panorama Amsterdam, 30 years Bijlmer Vliegramp, Welkom in de Noordside) and on the temporary exhibitions in Huis Willet-Holthuysen (Solo exhibition: Maaike Schoorel, SHE WHO SAW BEAUTIFUL THINGS).

Curator Tour ANOHNI, 11, 25 June, 15 July and 10 September, free entrance with museum entrance ticket, Amsterdam Museum, Amstel 51

Huis Willet Holthuysen, Herengracht 605