4 Jan - 31 Jan

Culture on-line


Unfortunately, we cannot go to a museum or theater in De Plantage at the moment. We sincerely hope that more will be possible after mid-January. The cultural institutions now present much of their collection on-line and offer special performances, podcasts, videos, tours and children’s activities for the home through their websites. Here are some more examples from your own neighborhood.

Dutch National Opera & Ballet has many ballet and opera performances, rehearsals and presentations on-line and also streams live performances /

ARTIS and Micropia present many stories about animals and nature online and stream short information videos via their social media. Micropia has a nice discovery page “Microbiology for the home or in the classroom” on the website, with experiments such as ‘Experiments with yeast’ or ‘What is going on in the Planter’.

The Rembrandt House  presents videos on how Rembrandt made his paint and etchings, and offers an on-line tour of the museum.

The Jewish Cultural Quarter has renamed itself the Jewish Virtual Quarter and offers online podcasts, virtual commemoration, a children’s platform and information about the collection and the exhibitions.

The National Maritime Museum brings as many exhibitions, audio tours and information about the collection on-line as possible.

Hortus Botanicus has a special Hortus-in-house page on the website with video tours, coloring pages for children and the plant doctor online

Tropenmuseum Amsterdam has many collections and activities on-line, including world activities for home, with fun craft tips for children.

Hermitage Amsterdam, Museum van de Geest, Group portraits of the 17th century, Resistance Museum and Luther Museum have information about their exhibitions on-line, which can be found via the websites (, http: // www /,

You can also take guided tours through various museums in De Plantage at, including the exhibition ‘Tsars and knights’ in Hermitage Amsterdam.