17 Sep

Clean up your neighborhood together on World Cleanup Day


On Saturday 17 September, the Plastic Soup Foundation organizes the World Cleanup Day for the fifth time. 180 countries participate. On that day, people all over the world take action to clean up litter. The Netherlands and of course Amsterdam are also participating. Are you also participating (again)?

Litter is an eyesore for many people. In order to keep the environment clean, we sometimes have to lend each other a hand. Cleaning up litter together is a fun way to get the neighborhood clean. And it strengthens togetherness.

Borrow waste grabs and rings
You can of course pick up waste without assistance or use your own waste grab or garbage bag. But you can also borrow waste grabs and waste rings from the municipality. A waste ring keeps the garbage bag open nicely. There are special waste grabs for children. Reservation is mandatory. This is possible until Thursday 8 September 12.00 pm.

Schools, companies and voluntary organizations will kick off the Amsterdam Clean Up Day on 14 September; information about how you can participate and, for example, use the Rubbiz app is on the website.