10 Dec - 24 Dec

Children’s Classic Minoes in Kriterion


A new month means a new Children’s Classic, with the screening  of Minoes on December 24. Miauw!

The family film Minoes is based on the book of the same name by Annie M.G. Schmidt and won Golden Calves in 2002 for Best Feature Film and Best Actress (Carice van Houten).

Tibbe is a novice journalist, with little success. He’s about to be fired, but his boss gives him one last chance. While Tibbe searches for a good story, he meets the remarkable woman Minoes (Carice van Houten). She says she used to be a cat. She does indeed behave quite catty: she purrs, she cups and can communicate with cats.

Tibbe has his doubts about Miss Minoes. But when, thanks to her cat contacts, she helps him get exclusive news so that he can keep his job, Tibbe decides to hire her as an assistant. The ‘cat press service’ earns Tibbe front page news, until he posts a spicy story about the local benefactor, Mr Ellemeet. He is in danger of being fired again, but Miss Minoes comes up with a clever plan to prove that Tibbe’s story is really true.

Minoes in Kriterion, 24 December, 2:30 PM, Roetersstraat 170