25 Nov

Café Riboet – Cookery stories and more


Come to Café Riboet on Saturday, November 25 and listen to Cooking Writing Stories!

In many Indian families, cookery books circulate with family recipes that are sometimes passed on from generation to generation. In the small exhibition Toko Mokum, Riboet Verhalenkunst already pays attention to this special way in which Indian food culture is passed on. But there is much more to tell about it, and we will share those stories live during Café Riboet: Cooking Writing Stories.

Famous guests, video and beautiful music
Some cookery books were composed during wartime, during captivity in a Japanese camp for example, when there was little to eat or cook. Who wrote down the recipes and under what circumstances? Is it still being cooked? Are we dealing here with heritage that belongs in a museum?

Do you also have a cookbook in the family? Take it with you to ‘Café Riboet – Cooking Writing Stories’. In addition to famous guests, video and beautiful music, there is room for stories from the audience. And for tasty snacks of course, because this program is very appetizing.

Order tickets: Café Riboet, Amsterdam Museum aan de Amstel, Amstel 51

Amsterdam Museum, Amstel 51