19 Apr - 20 Apr

Boni de Musical in Carré


In Theater Carré on Friday 19 and Saturday 20 April 2024

Boni the Musical tells the life story of Boni and his struggle against slavery and unequal treatment. Boni grows up in the interior of Suriname and, together with his fellow fighters, turns out to be formidable enemies of the colonists and eventually becomes the leader in a long and bitter fight against the Dutch regime. They go into battle from the mythical Fort Boekoe. Boni de Musical is a spectacular and compelling story based on truth, brought to the stage in a contemporary musical way. Dive into history and spread it with pride. Watch the trailer here.

A large group of dancers, singers, actors and musicians whisk us back to the 18th century. A musical about a wound in time, love, resistance and brotherhood that also gives us strength and pride.

Hidden deep in the jungle, Boni manages to make himself almost untouchable, immortal and untraceable. Together with his associates Jolicoeur and Baron, this trio poses a serious threat to the colonists. After a long and bitter battle, Boni is captured and killed. Or not? Was Boni actually defeated or did he survive the battle and win? For many years to come he would frighten his opponents with his enthusiasm and visionary view.

Boni de Musical in Carré, April 19 and 20, 2024, Royal Theater Carré