6 Apr - 13 Apr

Baking matzos and more in the Jewish Museum junior


Come by during Pesach; baking matzos and more in the Jewish Museum junior

Hooray it’s a party! Wednesday evening Pesach begins, the feast of freedom. Pesach is a Jewish holiday that lasts eight days. Eating together with family and friends is the highlight of Pesach. Just like iftar and Easter breakfast eating toghetter this time of the year is a tradition. In the Jewish Museum junior, children can learn more about Pesach and bake their own matzos.

Crunchy cracker
Matzos play an important role in Jewish history. They are especially baked and eaten around Passover, when the end of Jewish slavery in Egypt is commemorated. Just before they left Egypt, Jews quickly made bread without yeast. In the kitchen of the Jewish Museum junior you can learn more about this history, bake matzah and eat your homemade, crispy crackers.

Location: kitchen in the Jewish Museum junior
Time: continuously between 10am and 5pm
Admission: free with entrance ticket
Registration is not necessary.

Baking matzos in the Jewish Museum Junior, see the website for more information and tickets.