2 Jan - 31 Jan

Artworks Amsterdam Light Festival in De Plantage


Until the end of January, a number of artworks from the highly adapted Amsterdam Light Festival edition 9 can still be seen, two of which are in De Plantage. The works were created under the theme “When Nature Calls” and can only be viewed individually on foot, there is no sailing route and no Light Walk because of corona.

The theme refers to the virus outbreak that requires reflection. How could this have happened? How do we deal with nature, with animals and plants? What can or must be done differently? The relationship between humans and nature is on edge, and it is time to take a closer look

Two works of art are located in De Plantagebuurt and were created in collaboration with the UvA:

  • THE WATER WE BREATHE by Stichting Nieuwe Helden. This fall, 650 Amsterdam primary school students conducted research into the oxygen content of the water in their neighborhood. Why that is so important? Because microbes in the water provide half of all oxygen on earth with the help of light! Colored water samples from the students together form a formula and a large map of the city. Watch the video with explanation here .
  • HEART / EARTH is the artwork in the bridge of the UvA building on Roeterseiland, created by Tom Biddulph and Barbara Ryan. With this artwork, the artists want to make you listen to your heart and the earth. ALF has interviewed people and artist Roziena Salihu has written a poem especially for this artwork. Watch the video about HEART / EARTH here .

Lucas De Man’s stories about the works and more information about the projects can be found here.