3 Jun

Artist Talk with Denzel Veerkamp


On Saturday 3 June, the Amsterdam Museum is organizing an Artist Talk with fashion designer Denzel Veerkamp and Roberto Luis Martin curator of Fashion and Popular Culture at the Amsterdam Museum.

Emma Waslander, curator of the Public Program, talks with Veerkamp and Luis Martin about Veerkamp’s designs that can be seen in the mini-expo The Perpetual Reverse Assimilation Project, inspired by the Afro-Surinamese koto costume.

About the mini-expo
During Amsterdam Art Week, the Amsterdam Museum, together with fashion designer Denzel Veerkamp (1996), will be premiering The Perpetual Reverse Assimilation Project (2023). In this series of designs, the emerging fashion talent gives a preview of his new work, inspired by the Afro-Surinamese koto costume.

From starch experiments to collage techniques: Veerkamp embraces the cultural heritage that has been handed down through many generations of Surinamese. This by learning, together with underexposed experts, how classic Afro-Surinamese clothing is made.

In this mini-expo he shares how his learning process is translated into outspoken, modern interpretations of classical costumes. In addition, he reflects his Dutch-Surinamese background.

Artist Talk, 3 June, 3-4.30 pm, Amsterdam Museum, Amstel 51

Amsterdam Museum, Amstel 51